How do you locate utilities?

Utility locating is done with EM (electromagnetic) or with GPR (ground penetrating radar)

What is rebar mapping?

Rebar mapping is when you use a concrete scanner to locate and mark rebar in concrete floors or walls.

What does GPR stand for?

GPR stands for Ground Penetrating Radar

How Does GPR work?

GPR works by sending a signal which passes through concrete, dirt and asphalt. The signal bounces back and shows a hyperbola on the screen. When you connect enough hyperbolas together at the same depth and size, you know you are following the same item. The same technology is also used to find sink holes, underground tanks and unmarked graves.

Is GPR safe?

GPR is both safe and non-destructive.

How does rebar strengthen concrete?

Rebar strengthens concrete because it significantly increases the tensile strength of the structure.

Why do we use GPR for rebar surveys?

We use GPR for rebar surveys so that utilities and rebar can be located and marked without digging or breaking the concrete. We also use GPR for rebar surveys to prevent hitting utilities during excavation and to know where those utilities are for repairs.

What is Electromagnetic Locating?

Electromagnetic (EM) Locating is two pieces of equipment; a transmitter and a locator. When you connect the transmitter to a metal water line or tracer wire, it puts a signal on that item. You then use the locator with the same signal to follow the utilities path underground.

When you find underground utilities, can you determine what type of utility it is?

If you have a signal on the utility with the EM or if it is live electric you can determine what type of utility it is. When using GPR, if you have a starting point of a utility you can tell, otherwise you can only mark the area as there is something there and to be careful during excavation, cutting or drilling.

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